At MAC, we seek to bring out the artist in everyone.  We have a carefree and uncritical environment to nurture and encourage children to explore and develop their artistic skills.

For the little ones, the MAC Art Studio is a place of endless possibilities. Your child will be filled with awe and wonder in every class, as he discovers new media and techniques from pastels, paints, pencils to craft works.

Artistic explorations allow your child to explore and interact with the world around them. Not only does art help in developing the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s overall development.

By participating in open-ended art projects, kids get a chance to practise fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills such as holding a narrow paint brush, cutting with scissors and sculpting, without being judged on the outcome. The improved fine motor control carries over to other situations that require hand-eye coordination and other precise movements.

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